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Electronic Ballast dl 300-Module


The the power supply module is suitable for 3, 10 and 12 V deuterium lamps and, after successful ignition, switches automatically from heat-up to operational heating voltage.

The anode current is present to 300 mA which is the optimum value for most 30-watt lamps from different manufacturers.

Input parameters 
Input voltage 20 - 24 VDC
Fuse 1x T6,3 A
(Manufacturer: Schurter; Series MST 250)
Power input max. 50 W
Output parameters 
Open-circuit voltage 140 VDC
Operation voltage 60 to 100 VDC
Ignition pulses  400 to 550 V/ 1Hz
Output current 300 mA ± 0,1 %
Stability (8h) 0,1 %
Output current ripple < 0,1 %
Preheat voltage 12 V, 10 V, 3 V ext. switchable
Operation heat voltage 6 V, 6 V, 1,5 V ext. switchable
Preheat time 15 s
Safetyas per EN 61010-1
Equipment class
Protection class IP 00 (EN 60529)
Excess temperature protection yes
Outputs short-circuit resistant
Environmental conditions 
Ambient temperature 0 °C bis 40 °C 
Storage temperatur - 20 °C bis + 85 °C 


Built-in modul 
Dimensions (HxWxD)  100 x 35 x 100 in mm 
Weight 200 g 

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