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Flash Unit ebfx 11 open frame

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The universal flashlight ebfx 11 - Series for the UV/visible spectral range are optimised for fibre optics coupling.

Depending of the application type, different flash lamps can be used for different spectral ranges.

The flash energy is adjustable.

Input parameters 
Input voltage 12 V ± 3 VDC
Power input max. 16 W
Output parameters 
Spectral range 185 nm / 240 nm...2000 nm 
Flash energy 0,11...0,6 Ws
Stability 5 % pp
Flash repetition rate 100 Hz
Triggering internal / external
3 V...30 V L/H
Service life (flashes) 109


Equipped with the following flash lamps 
HAMAMATSU L4633; L4633-01 
  L4634; L4634-01


Safetyas per EN 61010-1 
Equipment class
Protection class IP 20 (EN 60529)
Excess temperature
Input polarity reversal protection
Interference EN 61326 (class B) 
Immunity EN 61326 appendix A 
Voltage fluctuations, flicker EN 61000-3-3 
Harmonic current emissions EN 61000-3-2 
Environmental conditions 
Ambient temperature 0 °C to 40 °C 
Storage temperature - 20 °C to + 85 °C 
circuit boardLP BLX500 
Dimensions (HxWxD) 38 x 100 x 200 in mm 
Weight 0,25 kg 
Flash energy 0,11 Ws/Puls
Flash repetition rate 10 - 100 Hz
power on/off with Optokoppler



Mounting socket with 
Trigger Socket E 4370-01 
Flashbulb HAMAMATSU L4633, L4633-01
HAMAMATSU L4634, L4634-01


CapacitorCircuit board C-Bat 
boost of the flash energy on 0,6 Ws/Puls 
Flash repetition rate 20 Hz

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