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EBU ignition unit iu-1025s

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The new EBU series of universal, digitized and μC-controlled ballasts replaces all our electronic ballasts larger than 200 W for mixed gas, mercury and xenon short arc lamps.

It is supplemented by ignition devices which are carefully matched to the common operation and are also universally applicable.

Designed for cold and hot ignition of short arc lamps of all manufacturers up to 10 amperes. The electronically controlled symmetrical high-voltage impulses ensure safe, fast ignition with minimum electrode wear and minimal interference radiation.

Input parameters  
Input voltage max. 100 VDC
lamp current max. 10 A
Output parameters  
Ignition voltage 25 up to 40 kV


Environmental conditions  
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C 
Storage temperature - 20 °C to + 85 °C 
  UL/CSA (on request)


Width x height x depth
[without connections]
135 mm x 110 mm x 65 mm 
Weight 0,5 kg



Lamps, ballasts & connection cables
More information can be found here:
EBU 220


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