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The 2- or 4-channel digital lighting controller from LEJ for actuating high-power LED groups allows the precise setting of the LED current, the pulse length and pulse delay across a wide range separately for each channel. Also independent for each channel, the operating modes DC, Pulsed or Switched can be selected.

The controller is configured by ethernet via the internal web server or by USB directly from the user software or a service program. All parameters are permanently saved in the LED pulse controller and can be changed during operation, i.e., they can be adapted to the needs of the application.

Independent trigger inputs make fast synchronization with the user processes possible. The flexibility of configuration, the internal monitoring of all main operating parameters, together with the active self-protection, allow the uncomplicated and efficient use in image processing, miscroscopy, … .

Input parameters  
User Interface Ethernet, USB, others on request
Trigger input off: < 1 V, on: >2 V (max. 5 V)
Input Voltage Vin 12 to 48 VDC
Output Voltage 0 to (Vin - 1 V)
Efficiency to 97%
Rise time t10-90 3 μs
Fall time t90-10 1 μs
Max. power dissipation 10 W
Output parameters  
Output channels Two or four independent output channels with parameter monitoring
Output current 0 … 30 A in 8 mA increments, up to 5 ADC, up to 30 A pulsed
Output pulse length 5 μs…60 s < 0,1 μs
Pulse delay 5 μs…60 s, Jitter < 0,1 μs
Max. pulse frequency 200 kHz
Monitoring Current, Diode voltage, Input voltage, temperature


Environmental conditions  
Enviroment temperature 0 °C to 40 °C 
Storage temperature  - 20 °C to + 85 °C 
   UL/CSA (on request)


Dimensions (HxWxD)  130 x 104 x 56 in mm 
Weight  0,5 kg 
Mounting Mounting holes, Clip for DIN-rail


clip connector 4-pole, power supply LED-Pulse-Controller 1 piece
clip connector 2-pole, LED-connector Pulse-Controller 2 or 4 pieces
DIN rail clips 2 pieces


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