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Xenon compact flash source for UV-VIS range

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LQ-FX(V) 11 front

In a compact device, flash light, control electronics, fiber optic coupling, motor diaphragm and wide-range
power supply are integrated. Customized adaptations for fiber optics, maximum flash frequency or energy
as well as dimming and triggering are possible on request.


  • Machine image processing
  • Measuring technology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Analytics
Input parameter  
Mains voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Power input max. 100 VA
Output parameter  
Spectral range 185 nm to 2000 nm 
Flash energy [J] 11÷ maximum flash frequency
Max. flash frequency 100 Hz
Interface USB
Trigger edge triggered via BNC connector, level
low <+ 0.8V, level high> + 3.0 V, input
voltage 10 V
Min. number of flashes 109


Lamp type  
HAMAMATSU L4633; L4633-01 


LQ-FX(V) 11 back side
Compact flash source  
Dimensions (WxHxD)  145 x 210 x 305 in mm 
Weight  4,6 kg 
Light output  Fiber optic socket Storz long, optimized
for optical fibers active Ø 5 mm



Accessories Accessories such as replacement bulbs,
fiber-optic cables and adapters can
be found in the separate data sheet:


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