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Light Source LQ-ME 200

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The LQ-ME 200 is a powerful source for efficient coupling of the light by means of quartz or liquid light guides in a great
variety of lighting systems for microscopy, image processing, research and production.

The optimised internal airflow efficiently cools the lamp and ensures quiet operation. A mean lamp life of 2,000 hours is reached for the lamps. A resettable service hours meter makes it possible to monitor the lamp life. The intensity can be varied with a shutter in 5 steps (0 – 100%).

The fast shutter opens or closes after activation in 6 ms. The shutter is activated by a device switch, but this is also possible externally via a remote control input, USB or CAN BUS connector.

Electrical connection 
Mains voltage 100 up to 240 VAC ± 10 %, 50 up to 60 Hz
Power input max. 310 VA
Mercury short-arc
reflector lamp
LEJ MER 200/45 M
Filter UV-IR-Cut
Shutter max. frequency 40 Hz, switching time approx. 6 ms
control via external switch, USB or CAN bus connector
Dimming  mechanical, 5 steps, 0 ... 100%
Operating hour meter display lamp life, resettable


desktop device 
Dimensions (HxWxD) 210 x 138 x 290 in mm
Weight 4,9 kg


Safetyas per EN 61010-1 
Equipment class
Protection class IP 20 (EN 60529)
Safety circuit Yes
Excess temperature protection Yes
Glare shield Yes
Interference EN 61326 (class B) 
Immunity EN 61326 appendix A 
Voltage fluctuations, flicker EN 61000-3-3 
Harmonic current emissions EN 61000-3-2 
Environmental conditions 
Ambiente temperature 0 °C to 40 °C 
Storage temperature - 20 °C to + 85 °C 
-3  Storz long light guide mount, active diameter 3 mm
-5  Storz long light guide mount, active diameter 5 mm
-X Multipole LUMATEC D light guide mount


Replacement bulbs LEJ MER 200/45 M 


VIS-Lighting adapter Leica
for other microscopes on request

When ordering, please indicate the exact microscope type.


liquid - light guide LUMATEC serie 3801-pin
Ø 3 mm x 2.000 mm light input: Storz long, light output: Standard
other lenghts on request
liquid - light guide LUMATEC serie 3802-pin
2 x Ø 3 mm x 1.500 mm light input:  LUMATEC D
light output:  2 x Standard
other lengths on request
liquid - light guide LUMATEC serie 3801-pin
Ø 5 mm x 1.500 mm light input: Storz lang, light output: Standard
other lengths on request


Filter/ heat protection filter UV-IR-Cut
Other filters on request
Filter holder with and without filter on request


Remote control 
Shutter remote control hand / foot-actuated switch
Remote - cable on request


We will be glad to prepare a personalized offer for you. Please enter the design versions and accessory items, if any, for the required product and the addressee of the offer.

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