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OEM solutions

At LEJ we successfully connect Power Electronics & Illumination, aiming to provide powerful and competitive Photonics Systems to customers worldwide.

Photonic chain

Markets / Applications in OEM Business

Besides developing and assembling custom Power Electronics solutions the vast majority of our products drive Photonics systems. LEJ is able to provide solutions independent from the actual light source itself – LEJ understands Photonics solutions based on short arc lamps as well as LED, covering the UV-C to the IR range of the spectrum.

The entire range of brand products can be customized according to customers and applications. By providing a modular design as well as an intelligent roadmap-based development platform, LEJ allows such customization to be conducted in a very short time (time-to-market) and at reasonable costs.

LEJ supports OEM customers with in-depth know-how in dimensioning Lamp-, LED- and (increasingly) Laser-powered Illumination Systems. LEJ is in the unique position to advise customers independent from the light sources, thus being able to develop and manufacture hybrid / multi-modal Illumination Solutions. In the field of Power Electronics customers benefit from durable, productive, long term available solutions that, at the same time, deliver reproducible and quantifiable results.

LEJ is focused on core markets, utilizing its unique capabilities to the best of its customers and their individual applications.

We support you in solving the challenges of a changing market environment for system and solution provider.


Our involvement spreads across different areas with varying customer involvement:

  • Build-to-print
    • Industrialization
    • Design for Manufacturability
    • Assembly processes
  • Contract design & development
    • Design & Development services
      • Electronics
      • Mechanics
      • Optics
      • Thermal Design
      • Software
      • System integration
    • Prototyping
    • Process engineering
    • Design to Cost
    • Design to Specification
  • Contract Assembly & Testing
    • Product Life Cycle Management
    • Logistics
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Quality Management / Assurance
    • Ramp-up / ramp-down

LEJ supports OEM worldwide. Whilst we cannot reveal details about all the solutions we have accomplished so far please continue reading to learn more about our specific competencies to serve our OEM customers.


Maximum stability Illuminators for fluorescence and routine / white-light microscopy…

Spectrally rich excitation energy provided by high-power single & multi-channel LED as well 120W / 200W Mercury & Xenon lamps. Our range of standard products is approved for worldwide sales and can be customized according to customers and applications. By providing a modular design as well as an intelligent roadmap-based development platform, LEJ allows such customization to be conducted in a very short time (time-to-market) and at reasonable costs.

Structured illumination in material sciences (Kerr microscopy)

Multi-channel fiber light source with individual fiber arrangement

Kerr microscopy

  • One of the fastest and simplest methods for imaging ferro- or ferri-magnetic microstructures
  • Existing technology of incorporating polarizers and analyzers into the beam path, has been outdated

LEJ solution: LQ-LED 8c

  • 8-channel fiber-optically coupled LED light source
  • Densely packed arrangement of the fibers, imaged to the diffraction plane
  • Various Kerr sensitivity options available: longitudinal, transverse, polar
  • Monochromatic (white light) or Dichromatic (blue and red light) versions available
  • Images of different color and Kerr sensitivity are generated at the same time, separated by a color-sensitive image splitting device between microscope and camera
  • Both images are displayed simultaneously within the same frame on the screen

Photomask manufacturing (SEMI)

6-channel light source configurator

Goal: LED-based UV exposure of surfaces

  • Wafer direct exposure in Mix & Match mode with a masker
  • Microlithography
    1. on surfaces with structure
    2. on glass with customer specific dimensions

LEJ solution: LQ-LED 180

  • Replacement of a lamp-based system with a specifically powerful 6-channel UV-LED light source
    • “dichroic-less” device (no beam splitter)
    • affordable system costs
  • Benefits
    • Light intensity infinitely variable
    • Increased writing speed
    • Reduced stray light
    • Minimized heat input
    • Energy savings

In-line quality control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

LED lamp housing up to 150 W

Task to solve

  • Illumination solutions suitable for in-line inspection during semiconductor manufacturing
  • Use in connection with cleanroom microscope for wafers up to 300mm
  • Requirement for durable, robust metal components
  • Avoidance of lamp-based solutions (if possible)

LEJ solution: LH-LED 100

  • Ideal replacement for Halogen or Xenon light sources up to 150W
  • Maintenance-free operation over 50,000 h
  • Passively cooled, vibration-free
  • Operational cost savings up to 80%
  • Adapters for all common microscopes
  • Perfect illumination even in low resolution

LED illumination for Stemi DV4

LED illumination for Stemi DV4

This OEM illumination system is designed for reflected light, transmitted light and mixed light. It provides excellent light output with little power consumption and long service life (about 25,000 operating hours). By illuminating objects with white light of daylight quality, contrast is brought out and natural colors produced. Besides, the "cold" LED light without infrared portion treats the observed object with care.

A tested set ready for installation consists of the following:

  • transmitted light module
  • reflected light module
  • control board
  • wide range plug-in power supply module

Customized series of electronic ballasts and lamp houses

ballasts, lamp houses and installation accessories

In close cooperation, a series of coordinated ballasts, lamp houses and installation accessories was developed from standard components, which meets high demands of laboratory equipment providers and of our customers.

Solar simulators

Solar simulator

These custom-made light sources were developed to simulate the solar irradiation for testing photovoltaic components in the laboratory or on the production floor. The target is to expose a larger surface very uniformly to stable irradiation by parallel light, the irradiation intensity and spectral composition corresponding to a defined geographical place. For international comparison, the devices are grouped according to IEC norm and four criteria. The devices produced in Jena achieve the highest class "A" rating as regards spatial homogeneity, temporal stability, parallelism and spectral concordance.