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AMPYR® UV-LED Evaluation Kit

AMPYR® UV-LED Evaluation Kit
AMPYR® UV-LED Evaluation Kit


The AMPYR evaluation kits LED30UV have been developed for the fast and easy evaluation of LEDs up to 25 W.

It is possible with the LED30UV to carry out initial tests and test series with

  • UV-C LEDs, e.g. for disinfection, water treatment, light therapy, sensors and falsification detection,
  • UV-B LEDs, e.g. in biotechnology, phototherapy, medical photometry as well as
  • UV-A LEDs, e.g. in medical technology, light-curing and image processing.

All this can be done in an easy, speedy and reproducible way without the time-consuming and cost-intensive development of LED carrier, driver boards and heatsinks.

up strongly. The modules must not be touched during operation.

The evaluation kits contain:

  • 1 x LED carrier with heatsinks
  • 1 x LED driver with heatsinks AMPYR LED30W
  • 1 x plug-in power supply unit
  • 1 x 6-pole connecting cable between driver and LED carrier

Available LED carriers:

  • 1 x LED of type 3535
  • 1 x LED of type 6868
  • 1 x LED of type 6060
  • 3 x LED < 1 W of type 6060

The evaluation kits support LEDs of the following manufacturers (selection, continuously increasing):
LG Innotek, Seoul Viosys, Nichia, Vishay, USHIO, OSRAM, Nikkiso, UVPhotonics, and more


Description of the LED driver AMPYR LED30W

The driver has been designed for being operated with specific LED carrier boards. The LED driver adjusts itself automatically to the specified maximum currents and forward voltages of the LEDs concerned, so that the assembly will be intrinsically safe, when the power is supplied by the power supply unit provided and in the case of a thermal shutdown as described below.

The power will be supplied via a 48 VDC power supply unit with an output of 36 W. The LED driver and the LED carrier will be connected with each other by a 6-pole connecting cable. The driver current will be switched off automatically, when the LED carrier is overheated (>80°C). The LED current will be switched on again, when the temperature drops below 70°C; the hysteresis is firmly set at 10K.

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The 2 and 4-channel digital lighting controllers of the LEJ for controlling high-power LED groups enable the precise adjustment of the LED current, the pulse length and delay in a large setting range independently for each channel. The mode DC, pulsed or switched is also selected independently for each channel. Interested?

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Multichannel LED Fiber Light Source

Versatile Multichannel LED Fiber Light Source

This 8-channel fiber light source adds another highlight to the LEJ portfolio of high-power LED lamps for scientific and technological applications. Users can pick up to eight different LEDs from a large number of suitable LEDs to adapt the light spectrum exactly to the requirements of their application. Interested?

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