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If a product is damaged or defective, you can return it to us for repair. To ensure that the product is repaired without delay, we need the complete device number before you return the product to us. We will answer your repair inquiry by sending you a return mail with information about transport, insurance and customs formalities.

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You could not find the information you needed or have discovered a mistake or would like to ask a question or make a suggestion regarding our products or the website design? Send us a massage or use the feedback form. Your constructive criticism and your ideas will help us improve our service and the website design.


Interesting links to forums & associations, our partners, about microscopy, etc.


If you buy your device directly from Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH and are registered as customer, you can download operation manuals and safety instructions for our products.

Customer-specific documents will shipped only on request. Send us a massage or use the feedback form.